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Onshore Line Pipe : Water and Sewage Pipelines



Tenaris manufactures pipes for water and sewage transportation. We also provide special parts for these pipelines, such as curves, tees, reductions and crosses.

Tenaris has been involved in major projects related to:

  • Water mains and network systems
  • Onshore and offshore sewage pipelines
  • Water treatment and pumping stations
  • Irrigation



Coiled tubing is a continuous length of pipe wound on a spool, which is later straightened prior to entering the wellbore.

From standard well-workover and velocity/production strings for logging, drilling and special application strings with factory-installed wire-line, capillary tubes to integral tools, Tenaris produces continuous coiled tubingin lengths suitable for the most challenging downhole environments.

We offer coiled tubing in a variety of grades and sizes, including:


O.D.: 1” through 5”

0.080” through 0.300”


Setting a new standard for manufacturing and testing of coiled tubing, Tenaris is the first to earn the industry's API certification for coiled tubing. Tenaris is also the first coiled tubing manufacturer to offer integrated coating capabilities. Tenaris has a history of industry milestones, including one of the longest coiled tubing workstrings, stretching 36,430 ft, of 2" HS-80 and one of the world’s heaviest coiled tubing workstrings, weighing 122,000 lbs, of 2 7/8" HS-80.

Offshore Line Pipe : Bends


Tenaris works alongside world-class bending manufacturers to provide high quality bending solutions for oil and gas pipelines, either onshore or offshore. The bends manufacturing and testing procedures exceed all quality standards required by the oil and gas industry.

Our customers are able to obtain a wide range of bend geometries and total design flexibility with customized radius and angle (other than the conventional 45 and 90) bends.

Our qualified subcontractors carry out hot induction bending with state-of-the-art technology that enables full control of the bending process, as well as total monitoring of bending parameters.

We have managed the supply of bending solutions for many of the deepest projects in the world. These include, for instance, projects such as Chinook & Cascade, Thunder Horse, Independence and Tahiti in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pazflor, Kizomba A, C & D, Greater Plutonio, Dalia and Bonga projects in West Africa .


The production of high-quality bends depends on the manufacturing process of the steel pipe that is transformed into the bend. During the hot induction bending process, thinning inevitably occurs on the extrados of the bend. Therefore, a tailor-made mother pipe must be produced in order to comply with minimum wall thickness after bending.

Obtaining the most suitable chemical composition is also important as this enables the recovery of the pipe’s material properties following the hot induction bending process. Depending on pipe dimensions, grades and final bending conditions, alloying elements can be added to the steel in order to guarantee the required hardness and mechanical properties and to ensure that the bend’s chemistry matches as much as possible the line pipe’s chemistry.

Heat treatment is carried out on each bend in order to achieve the required mechanical properties after bending. For critical applications, such as high-strength steel, heavy wall, sour service or low-temperature, we also perform full quenching and tempering after bending, as a preferred process.

Machining of the bend ends guarantees optimum tolerances of inside diameters, as we ensure the bend has at least the minimum working tolerances of the mother pipe.

Offshore Line Pipe : Tenaris Coating Pipe



Tenaris provides pipes with different coating solutions in compliance with the most rigorous international standards for both onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. Tenaris coating and line pipe packages can be used in ultra-deep waters and other demanding applications.

In addition to our own coating plants, we work in alliance with worldwide coating manufacturing companies, and therefore we are able to provide a variety of coatings such as:

External anti-corrosion
Internal coating
Concrete weight coating
Thermal insulation
Our capabilities also include the application of coating on Double Joint length pipes and customized coating for tubular accessories such as bends and buckle arrestors. We also provide coating accessories such as field joints.


Over the past 10 years Tenaris has supplied tubular packages for onshore and offshore line pipe projects in Nigeria, participating in the most demanding developments to date such as Usan, Akpo, Bonga, Gbaran and Erha.

Tenaris is now prepared to offer a complete line pipe and coating package solution made in Nigeria, to serve customers operating in complex projects throughout West Africa.

The company reached an agreement with Prime Investment & Corporate Services Ltd to acquire a 40% stake in Pipe Coaters Nigeria (PCN), the most important Nigerian coating manufacturer, which is located in the Onne Free Zone. This partnership combines Tenaris’s industrial know-how and technical capabilities with PCN’s proven expertise and coating presence in the region.

Through this acquisition, Tenaris is able to provide the following coating services with Nigerian local content :

External anticorrosion coating: FBE, 3PE and 3PP for pipe with diameters up to 42”
Internal line pipe coating
Negative buoyancy concrete weight coating
External multi-layer polymer-based insulated coating 5LPPSynt
Sacrificial bracelet anode installation
Welding Services (Double, Triple & Quad Joints)

Tenaris has a proven track record of producing coating solutions for customers, including some of the deepest projects such as:

Gulf of Mexico
Chinook & Cascade
Thunder Horse

West Africa
Greater Plutonio


Our approach goes beyond the supply of coated pipe as we offer our customers a complete range of additional services, including:

Customer project manager: we provide a dedicated Customer Project Manager to serve as a single point of contact and coordination for the project order from the moment it is placed until it is delivered at its final destination
Tenaris supervision and control: all activity is carried out under the supervision and control of specialized personnel who supervise the handling and manufacturing of the pipe during the coating process
Excellent delivery times: the close proximity of coating facilities to our manufacturing mills means near-simultaneous pipe manufacturing and coating with minimal overall materials handling
Quality control: Tenaris quality assurance, both during and after pipe coating, is performed using visual controls, as well as destructive and non-destructive testing. Tests are completed on-line or in the laboratory, depending on the type of control or test to be performed.
All controls and tests are performed in accordance with a specific quality plan issued for each order. Also, all equipment used to perform the tests is controlled according to Tenaris's instrument calibration system.

Coiled Line Pipe


For clad pipes, the layer of Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) is applied using different procedures that create a metallurgical bond, while the lined pipe is applied through a mechanical bond between the CRA and the C-Mn pipe.

Coiled line pipe allows several miles of flowline to be installed with minimum pipe-to-pipe girth welds, eliminating costly welding, heat-treating, x-ray, and inspection steps.


Tenaris offers coiled line pipe as an alternative to conventional 12-meter length line pipe because it reduces installation time and costs, enhances external coating integrity and improves flow characteristics for oil and gas operations. Coiled line pipe is available in outside diameters of up to 5” and a range of wall thicknesses with pressure ratings of up to 10,000 psi.

Tenaris produces coiled line pipe in the following grades:


Coiled line pipe allows several miles of flowline to be installed with minimum pipe-to-pipe girth welds, eliminating costly welding, heat-treating, x-ray, and inspection steps. Equipment needs and installation times are dramatically reduced allowing wells to come online faster and at lower costs. Tenaris coiled line pipe is at the forefront of sub-sea technology and provides customers with tremendous operational advantages.


Coating systems applied to the coiled line pipe offer unsurpassed sub-sea and surface corrosion protection, including:

Up to several miles without tube welds
Elimination of costly weld, heat-treat, x-ray, and inspection steps
Dramatic reduction of installation time and equipment
Reduced right-of-way costs and environmental impact.


Our manufacturing and quality assurance processes are certified to produce coiled line pipe to multiple specifications, including DNV-OS-F101. We were the first and only mill certified to API 5CLP. Tenaris coiled line pipe has been installed at water depths of over 2,200 meters and in challenging Arctic regions such as the Barents Sea.

Produced in accordance with API 5LCP standards, coiled line pipe offers an economical alternative to conventional sub-sea flowlines and control lines, as well as onshore surface or buried flowlines for gathering system tie-ins and gas injection.




Export lines, sometimes called pipelines, transport processed or non-processed oil or gas fluids to the shore.

Tenaris with its strong industrial system has the capability to supply a complete range of flowlines and export lines in steel grades up to X70 sour service resistant and 100 ksi yield strength non-sour service. We offer both seamless and welded pipe for flowline and export line applications.

Our export lines and flowlines are developed with the most advanced, extreme heavy-wall tubular products available in the industry. These products either meet or exceed the industry’s most demanding fracture toughness and mechanical properties requirements in terms of toughness, corrosion resistance, dimensional tolerances and weldability (in our own welding laboratory).

We supply export lines and flowlines that can withstand stringent deep-sea environments (high pressure and temperature and/or corrosion resistance), as well as demanding installation methods, such as J-Lay and reeling, with our world class support network of R&D Centers committed to developing new products and to constantly seeking improvements in products, steels, production processes and services.

The specific environment, reservoir and fluid conditions as well as the use of longer tie-backs combined with high pressure and a wide range of working temperatures, mean that the need to guarantee flow assurance has become one of the most critical issues.

We offer a wide range of tubular and coating solutions, which help in the thermal management of the pipelines, including:

Dry insulation: pipe-in-pipe systems (outer and inner pipe)
Wet insulation: a complete range of thermal insulation coatings solutions that protect and insulate pipe used in offshore projects
Active heating: bundles

We work to support industry needs by providing services for the most demanding environments:

Double Jointing
Accessories: Bends, J-lay collars and Buckle Arrestors
Concrete Coating, Anticorrosion Coating and Internal Coating
Laser Ends Measurement System
CRA materials
Welding qualifications and specifications



Tenaris offers a variety of high-strength tubular steels for riser systems in X70 sour service steel grades of up to 100 ksi yield strength non-sour service that exceed industry quality standards.

A riser is a pipe that connects an offshore Floating Production Structure or a Drilling Rig to a sub-sea system either for production purposes such as drilling, production, injection and export, or for drilling, completion and workover purposes.

Risers are considered to be the most critical product in an offshore pipeline development taking into account the dynamic loads and sour service conditions they need to withstand.

Our offer includes pipe for the typical riser systems used for production:

Steel Catenary risers
Top Tensioned risers
We also provide pipes for risers to access the well bore for drilling or completion/workover activities:

Drilling risers
Completion/Workover risers


As operators strive to reach reservoirs in increasingly deep waters, risers are subjected to greater fatigue loads and extremely challenging requirements in terms of tolerances, mechanical properties and environmental conditions.

Our riser technology has a proven track record, having performed in some of the most challenging deepwater projects worldwide:

Chinook & Cascade (Hybrid Riser)
Independence (Steel Catenary Risers)
Thunder Horse (Steel Catenary Risers)
Tahiti (Steel Catenary Risers)
Deimos (Steel Catenary Risers)
Magnolia (Top Tensioned Risers)
Devils Tower (Top Tensioned Risers)

Gumusut (Steel Catenary Risers)
Kikeh (Top Tensioned Risers)

Kizomba A & B (Top Tensioned Risers)
Kizomba C (Steel Catenary Risers)
Bonga (Steel Catenary Risers)
Dalia (Steel Catenary Risers)
AKPO (Steel Catenary Risers)
USAN (Hybrid Riser)
Oveng & Okume (Top Tensioned Risers)



Tenaris offers a comprehensive range of products and services that meet oil and gas companies’ offshore deep and ultra-deep water needs. We have astrong industrial system, state-of-the-artR&Dfacilities and years of industry experience in metallurgy and the development of customized steel pipes, especially forrisers.


We design and manufacture high-quality line pipe products for even the most demanding offshore projects. Our offer includes:

  • Top tensioned and steel catenary risers
  • Export lines and flowlines
  • Bends
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys (clad, lined and solid)
  • Coiled line pipe
  • Umbilical tubing
  • Coated pipes

Energy companies and sub-sea manufacturers choose our offshore line pipe products for a variety of offshore applications:

  • Production riser systems
  • Sub-sea systems
  • Drilling riser systems
  • Injection, export and umbilicals lines and flowlines
  • Structural offshore pipes
  • Mooring systems
  • Completion/workover systems

We provide both energy companies and sub-sea manufacturers with tubular components to support sea-floor applications that rely on harsh environments, remote sites or host facility for utility and/or well control services.

All Tenaris packages can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers’ projects. Contact ourproduct specialistsfor more information.


All our line pipe products are manufactured to meet international standards such as DNV OS F101, ISO 3183, API 5L, EN 10208 and ASTM, as well as customers’ specific requirements in standard and proprietary C-Mn and 13Cr weldable steel grades.


We understand the complexities of applyingcoatingsin an offshore environment. Tenaris provides a completerange of coating services for the most demanding environments, includinganti-corrosionandthermal insulationsolutions, in collaboration with worldwide coating companies.

Furthermore, we have the capability to performdouble-joint weldingandanode and anode pad installationat our facilities, thereby enabling our customers to avoid several logistical and project management problems.

In addition, Tenaris offers aLaser End Measurement Service, for the measurement of steel pipe end dimensions using highly precise laser tools that enable the efficient alignment of pipe ends and the minimization of Hi/Lo differential prior to welding offshore.

Offshore Line Pipe : Solid CRA, Clad and Lined Pipes


For clad pipes, the layer of Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) is applied using different procedures that create a metallurgical bond, while the lined pipe is applied through a mechanical bond between the CRA and the C-Mn pipe.


For onshore and offshore pipelines that need to achieve a balance between the mechanical properties of the C-Mn tube steel and the corrosion resistance properties of a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Tenaris provides clad and lined pipes.

Production fluids often contain a high sulfur or CO2 content that requires the use of materials suitable for corrosive environments. When the H2S and CO2 content are too high for the corrosion resistance properties of C-Mn steel, a CRA is often employed.

Both clad or lined pipes consist of a C-Mn pipe which has a layer of CRA in contact with the production fluid and hence, its corrosive environment. In the case of clad pipes, the layer of CRA is applied using different procedures that create a metallurgical bond, while in the case of lined pipe an internal CRA pipe is connected to the external C-Mn pipe through mechanical bond.

Offshore Line Pipe : Umbilical Tubing


Our coiled duplex stainless steel umbilical tubing is used for hydraulic control and chemical injection services.


Sub-sea umbilicals are control lines used in offshore wells where Christmas trees (an assembly of control valves, gauges and chokes that control oil and gas flow in a completed well) are installed on the ocean floor.

Umbilicals make up part of Tenaris’s SURF (Sub-sea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) package of tubular products for offshore oil country tubular goods and line pipe applications.

We manufacture coiled duplex stainless steel umbilical tubing in sizes ranging from 3/8 in. to 2 in. outside diameter (OD). These high-pressure steel tubes, which are used for hydraulic control and chemical injection services in sub-sea oil and natural gas production facilities, are produced using 19D stainless steel strip (typically with 19.5% Cr and 3.5% Ni) and shipped with a zinc clad in order to ensure a service life of up to 30 years.

Umbilical rods are zinc-clad high-strength carbon steel rods that provide weight and rigidity to sub-sea umbilicals.

Onshore Line Pipe



Tenaris delivers a wide range of seamless and welded tubes for onshore line pipe to be usedinthe most demanding conditions.

Products are manufactured in accordance to particular project specifications and national or international standards.

In alliance with a group of worldwide coaters, Tenaris offers comprehensivecoating solutions for oil and gas pipelines and other tubular applications.

In addition to our extensive line pipe distributors’ network, we offer a full range of direct project management services for all stages of well operations, including Inventory Handling, Field Services, Consultancy, Technical and Post-Installation Services.


  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Water and Sewage Pipelines
  • Mineral Slurry Pipelines

Onshore Line Pipe : Mineral Slurry Pipelines



Tenaris provides a variety of seamless and welded pipes for the mining industry. Different types of internalcoatingsare used in order to increase resistance to the abrasion caused by the movement of mineral slurry through the line.

The pipes for this sector have nominal diameters ranging from 150 to 1200 mm and thicknesses from 4.4 to 31.8 mm, and may be supplied with or without coating, depending on the needs of our customers.


  • Mineral pulp
  • Waste water from milling and grinding processes
  • Waste water for sedimentation and treatment reservoirs
  • Treated and untreated water for urban water supply systems
  • Interplant transport for processing, operations and maintenance


  • ASTM A-53 Gr. A, B
  • ASTM A-134 and ASTM A-135
  • ASMT A106 Gr. B
  • ASMT A333 Gr. 1,6
  • API 5L/ISO 3183 Gr. A, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80
  • AWWA C-200
  • NBR 8261
  • DIN 2440
  • CSA Z245

Other standards are also available upon request.


  • Paragominas project (CVRD): 244 km pipeline of 24” steel pipes (grade X70) with triple layer polyethylene external coating for thefirst bauxite slurry pipeline in the world.
  • Germano-Ubu (Samarco Mineração): 346 km pipeline of 14” and 16” steel pipes (grade X70) with triple layer polyethylene external coating. for a slurry pipeline.
  • Expansão III (Alunorte): 2,150 tons of 10” to 24” pipes for the largest alumina refinery in the world.
  • Minas Rio (MMX project): 530 km pipeline of 24” and 26” steel pipes for the largest slurry pipeline in the world

Onshore Line Pipe : Oil and Gas Pipelines



Tenaris provides line pipe for onshore applications, developed for severe working environments. Our products meet the oil industry’s needs for onshore transportation and are ideal for use inextreme conditions such as corrosive environments, low and high temperatures, high pressure and sour service.


Oil and gas gathering lines are steel pipes that transport oil or gas from the producing area to a storage facility or larger main pipeline. Tenaris provides steel pipes in various grades and diameters for use in constructing gathering lines and gathering systems.


Natural gas is transported through the transmission pipeline system, which is composed of large-diameter steel pipe. Tenaris offers welded, large-diameter pipes used for the construction of onshore long-distance gas transmission pipeline systems.


  • API 5L/ISO 3183 Gr. A, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80
  • ASTM A134 and ASTM A135
  • CSA Z245.1 Gr. 241, 290, 359, 386, 414, 448, 483, 550

Other standards are also available upon request.



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